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Lisa K

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Denise, Elaine, Sandra, Kurt.

First time and you didn’t disappoint made some great memories and mostly a new family….. at times I found it tough!!! as completely out of my comfort zone…. But have no regrets just beautiful memories with wonderful people and feel truly blessed 😇🙏

Tessa H

We are all ‘Bush tucker roadside graduates 🎓🤣
Enjoy sitting on your  🚽 but just remember how strong your legs have become from your squatting’

All jokes aside we are all so immensely blessed 🙏🏾 with what we have, this trip has reminded me to be more thankful of the life I have. 

Thx you to all the ONX Organisers.👏🏾

Special shout out to Denise for challenging me especially to step outside my comfort zone. You have been banging the drum for so many years. I’m glad I finally listened. 👊🏾 
Thx you all for a fabulous experience.
Take care people God Bless. 🙏🏾😘 


Samantha W

Franklyn and me are home too. We had the best time too and would echo the sentiments already shared. A massive ‘Thank You’ to the organisers for creating an amazing and memorable experience, full of fun, intrigue and laughter! Looking forward to catching up. Take care everyone ❤

Sonia B

Thanks to the ONX organisers for organising this adventurous trip. 
I throughly enjoyed it, met some lovely new friends. You were all brilliant. No complaints. I will keep in touch and hopefully have a reunion some time in the future in Bristol or any where suggested. I will definitely keep in touch. Lots and lots of love to you all. 💕🥰🥰🥰

Carole MG

This trip was next level for me, fun filled with much excitement , laughter and encouragement 😃.  Such surreal memories from the beginning to the end. From strangers to now  friends.💞
Onx organisers : "Top bananas" if you don't mind the pun! You knocked it out of the park.
Looking forward to the reunion 🍾

Iletts B

A big thank you to Sandra, Elaine, Denise & Kurt for organising, to All the beautiful people I’ve met on this journey, I really appreciate your support n kindness, may you always be blessed n let’s continue to live our lives to the fullest. 

Thank you for being honoured with the title of Miss ONX 2024. Heartfelt Gratitude n appreciation. As Bob would say ”ONE LOVE“

Judith J

I am home now. I would like to say a huge thank you to the Onx team for all their hard work and dedication creating such a wonderful inaugural trip.  

Overlanding can be a great adventure with the right planning, leadership and passengers. Collectively we smashed this one out of the park. It was the gift that kept on giving and I look forward to the next one. ❤❤❤

Maura W

I’m home now! Thanks to the organisers for pulling this off! Looking forward to the next one!
It was good to meet new people and learn so much from their various experiences.

Jacqueline G

Commandments to organisers, who on their collective knowledge & experience dared to encourage 20 others to join the journey 😳
If anything at all, it held a mirror to ourselves individually & as a combined group circumnavigating places/emotions in a condensed situation & outside our comfort zones.
In 2020 I'd booked to go to the Edinburgh Book Festival, but then Covid...
The pivot to Zoom gave me the option to speak directly to authors & the overall consensus was 'why ain't you an author Jaqs'.
I've got 2 projects based in Kenya.
So this trip enhanced & gave foundation to my work, which I would have had to imagine (I wasn't far off though) but it solidified & enhanced aspects.
For me it was such a pleasure to meet every single one of you, you each brought a valued dimension much needed on this group & especially to all who witnessed 'firsts' in aspects of this journey.✊🏾
Much love & respect to everybody & looking forward to the meet-ups, reunions ...❤❤❤

Lina O

The diversity in this group has been wonderful nice to have people from all backgrounds and all ages specially the grandmas
lol join us on this very adventures expedition everybody did well. Everybody got on ,A bag of laughs. 
Good  companionship family has been created. May this grow into something bigger than we can imagine. Well done to the organises. Well done to the people that participated and as you know, life is for living let’s live.!!

Much love ❤ lina

Petra W

We are home safe and sound! We hoped this would be a trip of a lifetime for us and it delivered. Each and every one of you made it memorable. Onx team you smashed it!!! Thank you all xxx

Sia T

Just got home. Thank you everyone for everything. 
ONX … what a team. Thank you Denise for making your vision a reality. I have had such a good time. I’ll need to open a separate ONX fund account for the other trips. X

Simon W

Thank you all ONX. organisers and all the adventurers on this memorable experience.
I've made new friends and have fresh memories  of a wonderful experience .
All the very best to everyone on this Trip👏🏾

Mary A

Reiterating the sentiments already shared, bravo to the organisers for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the warmth, charm and beauty of Africa 🌍💪🏽. Thank you amazing friends who I can now call family for the fun, excitement and laughter all the way! ❤  and thanks to my roomie, Linda for putting up with my shit and being a real trooper!😂 😘. Stay blessed 

Jacqueline W

I would like to thank you all for making this a truly wonderful experience.  During the trip I witnessed kindness, compassion, teamwork and comradery.  I observed people offering words of encouragement and admired the efforts of those stepping out of their comfort zones. I loved the laughs and the games played during our long journeys. This trip was about experiences and some were more challenging than others, however we got through it and collectively we  smashed it!!!!!  
We must not forget to commend ourselves, for making this trip a success.
Noel and I both had a great time and met some lovely people and most importantly created lasting memories. Thank you all. 🙏🏾

Onx organisers thanks again, you delivered a successful trip and we wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

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