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  • What will the group be like on your trip?
    It's not age that matters but your attitude! The group will be made up of adventurous people. If you have the right attitude and enjoy being part of a group then you'll fit in fine. People will book either with friends or partners, but about half will join the trips as individual travellers. We do not charge SINGLE SUPPLEMENT FEES, so if you are travelling solo, we will pair you up with a tent buddy of the same sex when we camp and the same goes for twin or shared rooms in hostels or hotels, so there is no need to go it alone.
  • How many people will be on the trip?
    There will be a maximum of 24 people on the trip.
  • Do I need to be physically fit to go on the trip?
    A positive attitude and an open mind are probably more important than being physically fit. We expect you to help with day to day tasks such as cooking and cleaning the truck interior, but any person that leads a normal, active life should be able to cope.
  • I am an older traveller – will I be able to join the trip?
    We welcome all comers, and feel that a diverse range of nationalities, ages, backgrounds and outlooks helps to make our trips what they are. Participation is a major part of this trip's structure – with a strong emphasis and expectation that all trip members will need to get involved with various tasks such as cooking and shopping for the group, putting up and taking down your own tent on a daily basis when camping, and generally navigating your way around the truck and helping out with anything that arises on the trip. The major ask we have is that our trip participants possess such qualities as being fit and healthy, and to have an understanding of the style of the trip we are running.
  • I am a single traveller – do I have to pay a single supplement?
    No! We do not charge single supplement fees if you are travelling solo. You will be paired up with a tent buddy of the same sex when we camp and the same goes for twin & shared rooms in hostels, so there is no need to go it alone!
  • What accommodation is provided, and will I have to share with other members of the group?
    This trip will be run on a shared accommodation basis. We will be using 'Dome' tents that are designed for 3 people, but we only use them for 2. They have an inbuilt ground sheet and mosquito netting on the doors. We will be staying in campsites. In some towns and cities where we use hotels and hostels, you should assume that accommodation will be dormitory based. However, it may be that you are placed in twin, double, or triple rooms sharing with other members of the group.
  • What is Local Payment (LP) and what does it pay for?
    The trip involves two payments. One is the Trip Price which is payable to Onx Experience before departure. The other payment is what we term a 'Local Payment or LP,' which is payable to the Tour Leader upon joining the trip. This is a pre-determined amount which covers the cost of your trip’s day to day expenses such as food, local guides, firewood, gas, some entrance fees to certain sites and game parks, accommodation etc. It goes towards a variety of services which your Tour Leader pays for in cash, direct to local people on the ground as international money transfers can be expensive and problematic. The LP helps reduce the overall price of the trip which in turn passes cost savings onto you. The advantage of Local Payments over 'kitty' based systems is that once the LP has been collected you will not be asked for additional payments. It is just as important to us as well as you, that there are NO hidden extras which are not included on our website.
  • Will I get free time whilst on the trip?
    The simple answer is yes! Your Tour Leader will help you with booking optional activities and general information, but you will be expected to get out there and take a look around cities and other sites yourself.
  • How long before my trip should I arrive?
    We suggest allowing yourself a minimum of 1 to 2 days before the trip begins as this trip does not include time to see the start city. There will be a pre-departure meeting the evening before Day 1 of the trip.
  • What type of luggage should I bring?
    For the trip, we suggest you bring your main luggage in a conventional backpack/hold-all. The size recommended for your belongings is from 70 to 90 litres maximum We also recommend you have a 15-20 litre day pack to carry your daily essentials. 'Hard' luggage is really not a good idea on the truck and may well not fit in your locker.
  • Do I need to bring a sleeping bag and roll mat?
    You will need to bring a 3-4 season sleeping bag and a roll mat.
  • Can I bring my own tent?
    We will be providing roomy 2 person 'Dome' style tents for everyone on to share with another group member. If you would like to bring your own tent so that you need not share, this is possible.
  • Do I need personal travel insurance and how can I purchase it?
    Definitely! We require everybody to have their own travel insurance for this trip. If you reside in the UK or Europe irrespective of your nationality, then you can buy our tailor made travel insurance. The insurance we offer covers you for medical, baggage, repatriation, most optional excursions and currency.
  • Where is the best place to get medical advice before travelling?
    It is best to contact your local GP or travel clinic near you for advice on your destinations. You can also visit the Nomad Travel Clinic
  • Do we sell flights?
    "Flights prices are normally released 11 months in advance. As such, we will be providing additional information to assist with the booking of these in early July"
  • How often will I need to cook?
    You will be expected to share the cooking duties amongst the group on the truck - everything from shopping in a local market, to chopping and washing food and the actual cooking itself. You will be part of a cook group, usually around 3 people and have a day when your group are responsible for the cooking for the group.
  • Can I drink the water?
    You will be relying mainly on bottled water, as in many places the local supply can cause upset stomachs for those not used to it. The truck will have a supply of treated water for you to use. We recommend that you use this as much as possible, to avoid the environmental impact of buying bottled water. There will still be times though that you are away from the truck, for example in cities or on optional excursions, when you may need to buy bottled water.
  • Where can I keep my personal belongings and money safe?
    The expedition vehicle has a safe on board where you can leave your money, passport and small valuables. Please note: Any personal effects that are left on the truck or hotels, even if they are stored in the safe, are left at your own risk and Onx Experience cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft that may occur.
  • Is the trip safe?
    There is an unavoidable degree of risk involved with any type of travel, and you need to be comfortable with this before setting out. Though incidents are thankfully rare, there is always the possibility of robbery and other crimes, or personal injury through bad luck or misadventure. We will do our best to minimise the risks to you, but there is a lot more that you can do to help yourself. In terms of theft, our general advice is that the less expensive items that you travel with, the less of a target you are. When going out in a city, do not wear valuable jewellery or flash clothes, and if you are taking your camera, consider carrying it in an old looking carrier bag or something, so that it does not attract attention. Try to order taxis through hotels and restaurants rather than hailing them on the streets, and wherever possible do not travel alone. Excessive consumption of alcohol will impair your judgement as well as making you an easier target, so be sure to moderate your intake. Your tour leader will be able to offer you further advice, but general steps like those above will help to greatly reduce the risks to your personal safety. Your safety is our primary concern, and should a problem arise with an area on the trip, we will where necessary make changes to the itinerary to avoid it. You may wish to take a look at the UK Foreign Office advice for the countries that we are intending to travel to, as they have details of current political and safety issues as they see it. See the following link: UK Travel Advice
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